International Conference on Planning and Development

The international conference brought together experts in various fields to share their research, experiences, and recommendations in making Rural Regions inclusive in the industrialization process; as response to the increasing desire to industrialize Africa. Rural Regions are primary source of raw materials for industries such that any change or support for rural communities will have effects on the entire industrialization agenda. How can Rural Regions be better integrated in the industrialization process of the Global South; has been the subject of the international conference on Planning and Development, under a seasoned theme “Towards Industrialization in the Global South: Making Rural Regions Inclusive”. The conference was launched by Honorable Deputy Minister for Industry, Trade and Investment, Engineer Stella Manyanya (MP); and officially closed by Deputy Permanent Secretary Ministry for Finance and Planning Dr. Khatibu Kazungu. Key note Speakers included: Dr. Andrew Komba from Tanzania; Mr. Yossi Offer from Israel; Dr. Joachim Deweerdt from Belgium; Prof. em. Dr. Einhard Schmidt Kallert from Germany; and Prof. Dr. Walter De Vries from Belgium, who is a Chair of Land at the TU Munich in Germany.  Read more..

Conference Proceedings 2018

S/N Title Action
1 International Conference on Planning and Development June 28-30, 2018 Read
2 Revisiting Rural Development Read
3 Towards Appropriate Planning Practices for the Industrialisation Process Read
4 Evaluation of Women Drug Abuse Read


MEI Centre vision is to become the focal point for entrepreneurship and innovation for rural and urban areas in Tanzania


Provide training and services that are focused on enhancing the entrepreneurship and innovation practical skills that support creation of employment opportunities, value addition for agricultural products and commercial goods that promotes industries based economy and poverty reduction among both rural and urban communities.

Services offered by MEI Center

MEI Centre offers the following services:


Cultivate general enterprising tendencies among IRDP students and staff members


Conduct short and long term entrepreneurship and innovation capacity building trainings for students, staffs and the general public


Build interest among higher education students to engage in entrepreneurship and self-employment.


Provide advice to students and staff who want to start businesses including to connect them with the institutions that offer soft loans, special skills training and technological as well as marketing skills advice.


Initiate and coordinate various entrepreneurship and innovation development activities at IRDP.


Put in place all required competitive capacities required to make students vibrant entrepreneurs and innovators, and impart these capacities through long and short term trainings.


Promote various entrepreneurship and innovation activities among rural and urban communities for the purpose of increasing income and engagement in industrial processing.


Organize and coordinate practical skills training among the youths as well as linking them with various institutions which offer soft loans including Banks and Local Government Authorities (LGAs) loan programs.

Currently, MEI Center hosts 47 students under its Incubation programs. Their ongoing entrepreneurship innovation activities are diverse and of great success potentials. The activities include ICT, Products Branding, Photo shooting, Aquaculture, Poultry, Car maintenance services, food processing, decorations design and production, leather products among others.

The center is also providing free after graduation care for IRDP graduates (Alumni) who are engaged in entrepreneurship across the country. Hence, we would like to invite more IRDP Alumni to use our MEI Center services so as to share experience as well providing all necessary capacities and professional advice as well as visibility opportunities that are required to make their businesses prosper.

Youth2Youth Program at MEI Center

MEI Center hosts a Youth-to-Youth program which offers opportunity for youth to support their fellow youth in innovations (development of new products and designs) as well as advancing their existing businesses. There are two modalities to engage in this program.

First, the youth in any place in Tanzania or any organization engaged in youth capacity building may invite a youth from MEI Center who has a special skill to train him/her of a specific issue. The invitee will cover all costs such as travel and accommodation for the MEI Center student. They will make their arrangements, but coordinated by MEI Center coordinator.

Secondly, MEI Center cordially invites all youths in Tanzania and outside Tanzania who would like to visit MEI Center and spend sometimes either as a summer holiday or volunteer at their own cost. Any youth interested and is voluntarily moved to train his/her fellow youth in Tanzania on special entrepreneurship or innovation skills is invited to contact the MEI Center Coordinator for more arrangements.