Welcome to Dodoma the capital of Tanzania located at the center of the country. Having a population of 180,541, Dodoma is the center of political and government activities. Situated on the eastern edge of the southern highlands, Dodoma is surrounded by a rich agricultural area and pleasant scenery. It is easy to reach Dodoma by air, road or railway.


While in the capital of Tanzania, enjoy savanna type of climate. Your eyes won't miss attractive view of wide range of natural vegetation led by huge and long lived baobab trees. Beautiful plains, hills and the rift valley that makes an everlasting memory of a quite and peaceful Dodoma.


In Dodoma culture is conserved. From traditional houses to traditional dances makes with no doubts that Dodoma is the home of prehistoric civilization. Meet the Gogo in their traditional tembe, eat their famous dish of Ndigwa and Lilende. Take an evening walk to a weekly open air market known as Mnada and finish the day by enjoying sweet melody of tradition gogo songs as the singing goes with beautiful dance.


In the memory of the father of the Nation, Mwl. Julius K. Nyerere, there is Nyerere square. This place has plenty of historical significance. It is worth making a stopover and spending your lunchtime there while snapping a few photos. Along the Arusha road, stands Mwalimu J.K Nyerere hall. A place for formal and social indoor gathering. Think of a significant indoor gathering you think of Mwalimu J.K Nyerere hall. Further North you reach Kondoa. Get turned to see the ancient rock paintings in Kondoa Irangi.

Rural Development.

The race towards better living is advocated in all parts of Dodoma. Having a vast geographical coverage, residents of Dodoma are ready to take you along their journey towards climate change adaption. Do not hesitate to visit Chololo ecovillage, vine yards in Hombolo and Mpunguzi. See for yourself the beauty of our eye-catching sunflower farms.