Dr. Judith A. Namabira

Head of Department

Welcome to the Department of Development Finance and Management Studies (DFMS) of the Institute of Rural Development Planning. Here you will find information about our academic programs, staff, research, outreach and community engagement activities. DFMS provides an exciting and attractive environment for learning and research, for students and academics.

We provide high quality competence based educational opportunities for students in fields of development finance, investment planning, business planning and management, human resource planning and management, development administration, local government administration and other managerial sciences.

With our long history of using the Competence-Based Education and Training system (CBET), students acquire the relevant knowledge, attitudes and skills and apply these competences in field practicals and community-based research experiences, which equip them with relevant practical experiences in the real development planning, investment and management world.

Research is another area in which we are growing. The Department has a truly extraordinary academic staff with an array of specialization which reflects the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary nature of our research in addressing development finance, investment planning, business planning and management, development administration, human resources and local government challenges. We also provide consultancy and advisory services to a wide of range stakeholders

We seek to discover new knowledge related to development planning challenges and support the translation of this knowledge to improve people’s lives. At DFMS, students and staff successfully, work together to achieve this goal.

Post Graduate Programmes
Master Degree Programmes