Dr. Yohana Mgale

Head of Department

Department of Rural Development and Regional Planning (DRDRP) at the Institute of Rural Development Planning (IRDP) is the oldest and largest in terms of training programmes and student body.Since the establishment of the Institute in 1980, around 7000 students have graduated from our Department and started working in Governmental, Non Governmental, and Private Organizations. Each year the Department enroll around 1,800 students to our 11 study programmes in certificate, diploma, bachelor, and master degrees levels.

As other Departments at IRDP, our Department provides its long and short term programmes using competence-based education and training (CBET) system. As such the Department focuses on a practice-oriented and interdisciplinary approach. We do this through project works, field works and planning studios. Nevertheless, this does not deny our students a sound basis of theoretical knowledge.

Our interdisciplinary approach is reflected in our research priorities and areas we offer consultancy services: The department carry out research and consultancies in the areas of Regional, Urban and Industrial Development Planning; Project Planning and Management; Development Policy Analysis; Economics; Agricultural Development Planning; Integrated Rural Development Planning; and other Cross-Cutting Issues.

The department work towards discovering new knowledge related to Rural Development, Regional Planning Challenges, and local economic development. It strives to supports the translation of this knowledge to improve people’s lives. Study in this Department is distinctive because of its involvement in Local Government, Rural, Urban Environment, Local Community and Leaders at various levels.