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BachelorDegree inProjectPlanningandManagement (BDPPM)


(i)       A tleast two principa lpasses with a total of atleast 4.0 in the Advanced Certificate of Secondary Educatio nExamination (ACSEE) passes in Mathematics,Economics, Commerce, Accounts, Geography, History, English and  any other science subjectsbased onthe following grades: A=5;B=4; C=3; D=2;E=1;S=0.5for theoldconversion scaleand A=5; B+=4; B=3, C=2; D=1;E=0.5 forthenew conversion scale.


(ii)       A relevant Ordinary Diplom a(NTALevel6) with at least Lower Second from any higher learning institution recognized by NACTE in the areas of planning ,finance and accounts, development planning, investment planning and other related courses.


(iii)     A Higher Diploma in Project Planning and Management (NTALevel7 )from any higher learning institution registered by the Government through NACTE or other recognized accreditation bodies of the country of study.

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