List of Available - Rural Planning Journal

Title: Self-Help Groups and Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Services and Rights among Youth in Mtwara and Lindi Districts, Tanzania
Author: Zacharia S. Masanyiwa*1, Baltazar M.L. Namwata1, Rita M. Mbeba2 and Muzafar Kaemdin2
Title: Determinantsof Child Labour Elimination in Tanzania
Author: Mwabless N. Malila* and Youze O. Mnguu
Title: Persistence of Female Genital Mutilation in Tarime District, Tanzania
Author: Rygon John Magata1, Raphael Jettah Ndaro2* and Immaculate Gillo2

Title: Sunflower Value Chain: Engendered Perspective
Author: Emmanuel H. Mroto and, John N. Jeckoniah*
Title: Primary School Types, Gender and Examination Performance in Maswa District
Author: 1Mwabless N. Malila*, 2Erick N. Lugayila and 1Titus Mwageni
Title: School Based Factors Influencing Pupils’ Examination Performance in Maswa District
Author: 1Mwabless N.Malila*, 2Erick N.Lugayila and 1Martha J. Nhembo

Title: Factors for Low Birth Registration in Mbeya District, Tanzania
Author: I.H. Issa*., N. R. Mgaya and J.J. Mbilinyi

Title: Coverage and Factors Influencing Uptake of Maternal Health Care Services in Kondoa District, Tanzania
Author: Zacharia S. Masanyiwa 1* , Simon Meigaro 2 , Domitila R. Bashemera 1