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Staff Profile

Mr. Nsajigwa Reuben Mwalupani - Assistant Lecturer

Area of Expertise


Work Experience

Mr. Nsajigwa Mwalupani is working in the Department of Population Studies at the Institute of Rural Development Planning (IRDP) as an Assistant Lecturer and he lectures on Statistics, Data Processing, Analysis and Presentation (SPSS & STATA), Mathematics, Quantitative Methods, Data Collection Techniques, Sampling and Sample Size Calculation, Socio-Economic Profiles and Research.

Between 2017 and 2022, Mr Nsajigwa Mwalupani collaborated with the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) to prepare the socio-economic profile for the Geita Town Council and review the Ubungo socio-economic profile.

From July 2015 to November 2022, Mr. Nsajigwa Mwalupani worked as a statistician at Geita Town Council and Ubungo Municipal Council.

  • Preparation of Plans and Budgeting for Council
  • Coordination and Preparation Councils Socio-Economiciles.
  • Monitoring and evaluating development projects
  • Coordinate, analyze, and compile various data for different purposes.
  • Coordinated and prepared progress Review Reports for Development Projects.

Mr. Nsajigwa Mwalupani is result-oriented, self-confident, self-motivated, and able to work well independently, with a team, and organize others.

Professional Skills

  • Knowledge of statistical modeling
  • Knowledge of Data analysis and interpretation
  • Data Analysis with SPSS and STATA
  • Designing Surveys  
  • Preparation of Socio-Economic Profiles
  • Application of Sampling and Sample Size Calculation

Research and academic Interests

My main research and academic interests are in statistical modeling, health, agriculture, education, and forecasting


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Web of Science Researcher ID: HKW-3579-2023