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Staff Profile

Prof Innocent Zilihona - Professor

Area of Expertise

Forestry, Environmental Management, Climate Change and Governance

Work Experience

Professor Innocent Zilihona (PhD) is an accomplished environmental planning and management professional with almost three decades of experience. Currently a Professor in the Department of Environmental Planning at the Institute of Rural Development Planning, he has dedicated himself to researching, training, and consulting in forestry, environmental management, climate change, decentralization, policy formulation, project planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation. His expertise encompasses strategic planning, investment planning, feasibility studies, private sector development, and resource mobilization, emphasizing a holistic approach to development sustainability. As a member of the Tanzanian Environmental Experts and a registered Environmental Expert by the National Environmental Management Council, Prof. Zilihona is recognized for his comprehensive contributions to academia and practical applications in environmental planning and management. His work reflects a commitment to sustainability and positions him as a thought leader in shaping environmental policies and practices.

Professional Skills

  • Proficient in fostering collaborative relationships with diverse stakeholders, including government bodies, non-governmental organizations, local communities, and private sector entities, ensuring inclusive and participatory development initiatives.
  • Well-versed in conducting thorough environmental impact assessments to evaluate the potential effects of projects on the environment and proposing mitigating measures for sustainable development.
  • Skilled in contributing to developing and analysing environmental policies, leveraging a deep understanding of environmental science and engineering to inform policy decisions.
  • Experienced in designing and implementing capacity-building programs to empower individuals and organizations, enhancing their ability to address developmental challenges and contribute to sustainable development.
  • Proficient in designing and implementing community development projects, engaging with local communities to address their unique needs and promoting sustainable practices.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively across diverse cultural contexts, facilitating collaboration and understanding in international and multicultural settings.
  • Accomplished in public speaking and advocacy, effectively communicating environmental issues and solutions to various audiences, from academic conferences to public forums.
  • Skillful in developing compelling grant proposals, securing funding for environmental projects, and managing grant-funded initiatives to successful completion.
  • Experienced in navigating and resolving environmental issues, ensuring that disputes are addressed to promote sustainable solutions and consensus.
  • Proficient in leveraging technology for data analysis, project management, and communication, staying abreast of the latest environmental science and planning advancements.
  • Proficient in crafting projects that are not only socially and environmentally responsible but also financially viable, attracting investment from the private sector and fostering sustainable economic growth.
  • Experienced in designing and implementing entrepreneurship development programs tailored to the unique needs of diverse groups, promoting inclusivity and economic empowerment.
  • Skilled in conducting comprehensive feasibility studies and preparing detailed business plans for various clients, including private sector entities and entrepreneurial groups, ensuring the viability and success of proposed initiatives.
  • Competent in developing robust financial models, conducting in-depth financial analysis, and providing accurate projections to support informed decision-making in project planning and business development.
  • Well-versed in exploring and implementing innovative financing mechanisms, including public-private partnerships and alternative funding sources, to support sustainable projects and initiatives.
  • Proficient in establishing effective monitoring and evaluation frameworks for entrepreneurial projects, ensuring continuous improvement and achieving desired outcomes.
  • Skilled in cultivating strategic partnerships and networks within the private sector, governmental organizations, and non-profits to enhance collaboration and maximize impact.
  • Experienced in identifying potential risks associated with projects and businesses, developing risk mitigation strategies, and ensuring the resilience of initiatives in dynamic environments.
  • Advocates for and implements inclusive business practices that consider the needs and perspectives of diverse stakeholders, fostering social and economic inclusion within entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Actively promotes the transfer of cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of environmental projects and entrepreneurial endeavours.

Research and academic Interests

Professor Innocent Zilihona's primary research and academic interests revolve around natural resource planning for sustainable development, environmental economics, pollution control, project planning, monitoring, and evaluation. Additionally, his focus extends to resource mapping, climate change adaptation and mitigation, renewable energy, vulnerability assessments, climate finance, and curricular review and development. This comprehensive spectrum underscores his commitment to a holistic approach to addressing environmental challenges, integrating economic perspectives, sustainable resource management, and resilience-building strategies in the face of climate change. Professor Zilihona's work contributes to academic knowledge and informs practical solutions for fostering environmental sustainability and promoting responsible development.


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