Kupanga ni Kuchagua

Staff Profile

Dr Anicet A. Rwezaula - Lecturer

Area of Expertise

Community Development/Business Management/Strategic Planning/Participatory Planning/Quantitative Analysis

Work Experience

Anicet A. Rwezaula (PhD) works in the Department of Population Studies of the Institute of Rural Development Planning. He is a researcher and consultant in the area of development with a strong background and experience in planning, marketing management, community development, rural finance and small business management. Dr. Rwezaula is a trainer, facilitator, educator, and researcher with experience in strategic planning, qualitative and quantitative research, baseline surveys, assessment and programme evaluation studies. 

Professional Skills

  • Conducting socio-economic profiles and baseline surveys, 
  • Wide experience in conducting Strategic planning for LGAs, Ministries, Government agencies, private institutions
  • Extensive skills in conducting rural development-related activities
  • Wider knowledge and skills in undertaking community development activities using SWOC analysis, PLA, and PRA
  • Extensive skills in undertaking participatory planning activities using O&OD planning approaches
  • Wider experience in undertaking business planning for small income generation groups
  • Experience in undertaking participatory poverty assessment
  • Business planning, marketing and management skills
  • Curriculum review and development skills
  • Community-based project planning and management
  • Group Formation and Management
  • Rural finance and small business management
  • Experienced in the use and applications of statistical packages such as SPSS, Statistica, and R-Statistical Software for data mining and performing statistical analysis, such as Principal Component Analysis, Hierarchical Cluster Analysis, and Multinomial Linear Regressions.

Research and academic Interests

Planning, marketing management, community/rural development, rural finance, economics, environment, financial, cooking energy, technological innovation, income inequality, mobile banking, and small business management. 


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