Kupanga ni Kuchagua

Staff Profile

Mr Theodori Steven Bakari - Assistant Lecturer

Area of Expertise

Policy Planning and Management Project Planning and Management Regional Development Planning Development Economics Research Methodology Social Work

Work Experience

Mr. Theodori Steven Bakari has over eight years of extensive work experience at the Institute of Rural Development Planning, where he has actively contributed to various facets of rural development and planning. His expertise in policy planning and management has been instrumental in analyzing and formulating effective policies aimed at addressing rural development challenges. Through his role at the institute, Mr. Bakari has not only participated in policy development but has also played a key role in implementing and managing these policies on the ground. His hands-on experience in policy implementation has provided valuable insights into the practical aspects of translating policies into actionable strategies that positively impact rural communities.


In addition to his policy expertise, Mr. Bakari has been actively involved in project planning and management within rural development contexts. He has successfully led and contributed to project teams, overseeing the initiation, planning, execution, and evaluation phases of various rural development projects. His proficiency in project management has ensured the efficient allocation of resources, timely implementation of activities, and rigorous monitoring and evaluation of project outcomes. Moreover, Mr. Bakari's teaching experience at the institute has allowed him to impart his knowledge and expertise to future generations of planners and development practitioners, emphasizing the importance of holistic approaches to rural development that integrate policy, planning, economics, and evaluation methodologies for sustainable impact.

Professional Skills

  • Expertise in policy analysis, development, and implementation within rural development contexts.
  • Proficiency in project planning, management, and evaluation, ensuring efficient resource utilization and project success.
  • Strong teaching and mentoring abilities, guiding future planners and practitioners in holistic rural development strategies.
  • Research Methodology: A seasoned research professional with in-depth proficiency in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. Demonstrated capabilities encompass developing rigorous research methodologies, adeptly collecting, evaluating, and interpreting data, and delivering compelling presentations of research outcomes. Skilled in employing statistical packages like IBM SPSS and STATA for advanced statistical analyses, including bivariate, multivariate, and regression analyses. Additionally, a specialist in utilizing NVivo for qualitative data analysis, ensuring thorough insights and robust research conclusions.

Research and academic Interests

Research and Academic Interests: The research focus is on livestock keeping practices, renewable energy technologies, and initiatives aimed at promoting health literacy. Several papers for publication are currently in progress, exploring these areas in-depth and contributing to the body of knowledge in these fields.