Kupanga ni Kuchagua

Staff Profile

Mr. Issa Hamisi Issa - Lecturer

Area of Expertise

Population Studies, Demography, Migration and Urbanization Studies, Social Science Research and Social Statistics

Work Experience

Issa Hamisi Issa (PhD Student) works as a Lecturer at the Department of Population Studies of the Institute of Rural Development Planning and a Student at the University of Dar es Salaam pursuing PhD in Geography. He is a Demographer and Population Studies expert with over ten years of experience as a researcher, trainer and consultant in the field of Population Studies and Demography in various fields, like National Population Census, Migration, Urbanization, Population growth and their implications on Development planning.

As a lecturer, Issa teaches various modules/courses related to Demography, Population studies, Population dynamics and Development. He has vast experience as a researcher and consultant in the areas of Population data and analysis, Development and Strategic Planning, Migration, Urbanization, Human Settlements, education and health planning and integration of population variables in development plans as well as planning processes. Issa has been extensively involved in consultancy and field assignments related preparation and review of the Strategic Plan, Conduct Training of Trainers for Tanzania 2012 National Population and Housing Census, Supervising Training of Enumerators and Enumeration supervisors Supervising Census enumeration exercise under the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Conduct Training to education stakeholders on Strategic Plan preparation, Annual Planning, Budgeting and Budget Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Sector Coordination and Education Managements, under EQUIP – Tanzania project, Conducting baseline data collection survey for/and preparation of socio-economic profiles for district and ward levels, and Preparation of the ward and village development Plans.

Professional Skills

  • Conducting Socio-economic profiles and baseline surveys at different levels, 
  • Conducting Strategic planning for LGAs, Ministries, Government agencies, Private institutions
  • Extensive skill in Integrating Population and Demographic variables in development-related activities as well as Population projections
  • Wider knowledge and skills in undertaking Situational Analysis and community development activities using SWOC analysis, and PRA tools
  • Extensive skills in undertaking participatory planning activities using O&OD planning approaches
  • Extensive skills in Curriculum review and development skills
  • Skills in the use and applications of statistical packages such as SPSS, DAPPS Google Maps and GIS

Research and academic Interests

The main research and academic interests are geospatial applications, population studies, migration and urbanization, resource mapping, integration of population variables in development planning, human settlements, population growth, and its implications for development.


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