Kupanga ni Kuchagua

Staff Profile

Ms Naomi Elisante Msese - Assistant Lecturer

Area of Expertise

Statistics and Research

Work Experience

Ms. Naomi Elisante Msese (MA) currently works as an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Population Studies at the Institute of Rural Development Planning (IRDP). She lectures on studies related to Statistics, Research and Mathematics. Her areas of expertise include Collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data; identifying trends and relationships in data; designing processes for data collection; communicating findings to stakeholders; advising organizational and business strategy; and assisting in decision-making.

Miss Naomi Msese has participated in several research survey works from individual to National level, such as the Tanzania Census of 2022

She can work independently or with a team and influence positive change with her excellent interpersonal and communication skills. She thrives on imagination and passion, rigorous thinking, and boundless curiosity.

Professional Skills

  • Data analysis: Proficient in conducting statistical analysis to extract meaningful insights from data sets. Prepare comprehensive statistical reports, summarizing findings and recommendations
  • Statistical modelling: Skilled in developing and implementing statistical models for predictive and explanatory purposes.
  • Hypothesis testing: Capable of performing hypothesis tests to validate research findings.
  • Data visualization: Competent in using tools like graphs and charts to present data in a visually compelling manner.
  • Data cleaning: Experienced in data pre-processing and quality control to ensure accurate analysis.
  • Survey design: Able to design effective surveys and questionnaires for data collection.
  • Statistical software: Proficient in using statistical software and tools such as SPSS, STAT and ODK
  • Regression analysis: Skilled in linear and non-linear regression analysis for identifying relationships in data.
  • Interpretation and reporting: Proficient in summarizing statistical findings and communicating them to stakeholders.

Research and academic Interests

Main research desires are focused on areas of health among vulnerable groups. Ongoing Academic plans included acquiring a PHD in the field of Data Science or Biostatistics


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