Kupanga ni Kuchagua

Staff Profile

Dr. Jeremiah V. Mkomagi - Lecturer

Area of Expertise

Regional planning/rural development planning/project designing, monitoring and evaluation/village development planning/local area development planning/ district socio economic planning/ strategic planning.

Work Experience

Dr Jeremiah Mkomagi is a lecturer in the Department of Rural Development and Regional Planning of the Institute of Rural Development Planning. He is a development planner with 10 + years of experience as a researcher, trainer and consultant.

Professional Skills

  • Collecting, analysing, and interpreting data to inform planning decisions, evaluating project outcomes, and identifying trends and patterns;
  • Engaging and collaborating with various stakeholders, such as local communities, government agencies, NGOs, and private sector organizations, to gather input, build consensus, and ensure inclusive planning processes;
  • Setting project objectives, developing work plans, allocating resources, monitoring progress, and ensuring timely delivery;
  • Conducting comprehensive needs assessments to identify gaps, prioritize interventions, and design targeted development programs or projects;
  •  developing long-term strategic plans that align with broader regional or national development goals, incorporating a vision, objectives, and action plans to guide development interventions;
  • Designing and implementing M&E frameworks to track project progress, measure outcomes and impacts, and ensure accountability and learning, and
  • Conducting socio-economic assessments to understand the social and economic dynamics of an area.

Research and academic Interests

My main research and academic interests are in project exit strategies, food security, project benefits, institutional pressure analysis, rural development, and rural transformation.


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