Kupanga ni Kuchagua

Staff Profile

Mr. Peter Elia Mosha - Senior Lecturer

Area of Expertise

Introduction to Mathematics, Application of Statistics in Social Science, Statistical Modelling, Statistical data Analytics, and Statistical Sampling

Work Experience

Peter is a Statistician with over 17 years of experience in academia and research at the Institute of Rural Development Planning (IRDP) in the Department of Population Studies. With a Master of Statistics, Peter holds extensive experience in teaching a wide range of courses, including Qualitative Methods, Statistics, Research Methods, Econometrics, Data Analytics, and Statistical Modeling. Additionally, he actively contributes to consultancy assignments, survey projects, and training courses in data analytics. He has undertaken a number of consultancy assignments, such as the preparation of a Socio-Economic Profile for Morogoro and Tanga regions, Kilosa, Gairo, Kondoa, Singida, Dodoma and Bahi Districts. He has participated in surveys and data analysis with different organizations including DASIP, CMSR Tanzania, MUCCoBS, KISEDET, Lutheran World Relief Tanzania & ADF-CSDI, AFNET, University of Dar es Salaam -NUFU Project, and World Vision Tanzania.

Professional Skills

  • Ability to Prepare socio-economic Profiles
  • Skills on survey design using Digital platforms like Kobo toolbox, Google forms
  • Ability to Train, Organize and carry out large group data collection activities and
  • Ability to undertake various data analytics using STATA, IBM SPSS Statistics, and R-Studio
  • Skills on Qualitative and Quantitative research and analytical skills
  • Certified in Competence Based Education and Training (CBET)

Research and academic Interests

Peter Elia Mosha's research interests encompass a diverse array of topics related to population studies and public health. His published journal articles delve into critical issues such as neonatal mortality, infant feeding practices, household food sufficiency, reproductive health, and sanitation conditions. Through his research endeavors, Peter aims to contribute valuable insights to inform policy-making and promote social welfare in Tanzania and beyond.


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