Kupanga ni Kuchagua

Staff Profile

Mr. Ismail Zuberi Ngolloh - Assistant Lecturer

Area of Expertise

Natural resources management, Land use planning and management, Environmental ecology, Environmental assessment and auditing, Biodiversity conservation, GIS for natural resources management and Remote sensing for Natural resources management

Work Experience

Ismail Zuberi Ngolloh (MSc.NRM) works as an Assistant Lecturer in the department of Environmental Planning of the Institute of Rural Development Planning (IRDP). He had the privilege of contributing to the academic and professional development of students while actively engaging in research, consultancy, and training initiatives focused on natural resources management, environmental conservation and sustainable land use planning for about three years.

Professional Skills

  • Possesses comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the sustainable management of natural resources, including land, water, forests, and wildlife. Skilled in developing and implementing conservation strategies to optimize resource use while minimizing environmental degradation
  • Expert in land use planning methodologies and techniques, with a focus on promoting balanced and efficient utilization of land resources. Capable of conducting land suitability assessments, zoning analyses, and formulating land management plans to support sustainable development objectives.
  • Experienced in assessing ecosystem health, identifying ecological indicators, and designing measures to enhance biodiversity and ecosystem resilience
  • Skilled in conducting environmental assessments and audits to evaluate the potential environmental impacts of development projects, policies, or activities. Experienced in environmental impact assessments (EIAs), environmental audits, and compliance monitoring to ensure adherence to environmental regulations and standards, while mitigating adverse impacts on natural resources and ecosystems
  • Experienced in biodiversity conservation strategies and practices aimed at protecting and restoring biological diversity at the species, ecosystem, and landscape levels. Proficient in habitat restoration, species management, and promoting community engagement in conservation efforts
  • Capable in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology for spatial analysis, mapping, and modeling of natural resources. Capable of utilizing GIS software to analyze land cover, assess habitat suitability, and support decision-making processes in resource management and conservation.
  • Skilled in remote sensing techniques for acquiring, processing, and analyzing satellite imagery and aerial photographs to monitor and assess changes in natural landscapes and ecosystems. Capable of utilizing remote sensing data for land cover mapping, vegetation monitoring, habitat assessment, and natural resource inventory and monitoring.
  • Capable of using statistical packages such as SPSS and STATA for analyzing environmental and socio-economic data. Capable of conducting descriptive and inferential statistical analyses, data visualization, and interpretation to support evidence-based decision-making and policy development in natural resources management and environmental planning

Research and academic Interests

Research and academic interest encompass a wide range of topics related to natural resources management, land use planning and land use changes, environmental ecology and livelihood assessment, climate change impacts, adaptation and mitigations, and biodiversity conservation 


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