Kupanga ni Kuchagua

Staff Profile

Mr Musa Judica - Tutorial Assistant

Area of Expertise


Work Experience

Musa Judica (Bachelor degree holder) works as Tutorial assistant in the Department of Population studies of the Institute of Rural Development Planning. He is a Data analyst and Tutor with 8+ years of experience as a researcher, trainer and consultant in the field of Mathematics and Statistics. He is also a Mathematics and Statistics project developer for simplify the learning process.

Professional Skills

  • Expertise in tutoring Mathematics and statistics
  • Experience in using technology and resources to enhance learning.
  • Patience and understanding in working with students of varying skills level..
  • Knowledge and experience in Research.
  • Ability to effectively communicate complex Mathematics and Statistical concepts.
  • Experienced in the use and applications of statistical packages such as SPSS, Statistica and R-Statistical Software for data mining and perform complex statistical analysis, such as Principal Component Analysis, Hierarchical Cluster Analysis and Multinomial Linear Regressions.

Research and academic Interests

Research focus on Technology includes elearning and its impact on Mathematics and Statistics instruction. Strong understanging of data analytics and its application in education settings.Proficiency in developing online resources and tools for teaching mathematics and statistics.