Kupanga ni Kuchagua

Staff Profile

Ms. Helene Stephene Francis - Lecturer

Area of Expertise

Physical Planning/Town Planning, landscape design

Work Experience

Helene Stephene Francis (Lecturer) works as a Lecturer in the Department of Environmental Planning and Management of the Institute of Rural Development Planning, Dodoma. Helene is a registered urban planner with the National Town Planners Registration Board. She is an expert multi-skilled scholar with practical and theoretical skills in urban and regional land use planning, design of settlements in both urban and rural areas, strategic development planning, Detailed land use planning and general planning scheme, environmental management issues, and design and management of green infrastructure. Helene has more than 16 years of experience as a researcher, trainer and consultant in the field of land use planning and environmental management issues. She is experienced in settlement issues including formalization of informal settlements, provision of social services, green systems management, and land use conflicts. 

Professional Skills

  • Wide knowledge and skills in the use of professional software such as ArcGIS, ArcView, AutoCAD, ArchCAD; and tools such as Google Earth and GPS for natural resources mapping, assessment and management.
  • Landscape design
  • Wide skills in conducting Integrated Village Land use planning and spatial analysis.
  • Experienced in the use and applications of statistical packages such as SPSS Statistical Software for data statistical analysis.
  • Land resources data collection in remote areas using Geo-spatial data collection technologies.

Research and academic Interests

Main research and academic interests are in green infrastructures, nature-based solutions, Land use planning, green spaces maintenance, climate change related issues and social and environmental issues in rural and urban settlements.


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