Kupanga ni Kuchagua

Staff Profile

Mr. Sosteness Jerome Nakamo - Assistant Lecturer

Area of Expertise

Animal Health (Dipl.), Environmental Planning and Management, and Natural Resource (BSc.) and Environmental Management (MSc.)

Work Experience

Sosteness Jerome Nakamo works as an Assistant lecturer in the Department of Environmental Planning of the Institute of Rural Development Planning. He is an Environmental Scientist with 13+ years of experience as an agricultural extension officer, Environmental Officer, and recently as a researcher, trainer and consultant in the field of Spatial Modelling of Traditional Agriculture, Monitoring of Natural Forests, specifically Miombo woodlands, as a Remote Sensing and GIS analyst using python and R as computer programming, not limited to natural resources assessment, environmental management and planning. He is also a Registered Environmental Expert by the National Environmental Management Council (NEMC) – in Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Auditing; however, due to changes in government regulations, he is no longer practising.

Professional Skills

  • Spatial Modelling of Traditional Agriculture
  • Wide Knowledge of Basin water resources Management and Land Use Planning, including Lake Nyasa Basin. Provided extension services as a project coordinator for over five years
  • Extensive skills in using Google Earth Engine, InVEST Models for Urban Flood Risk Mitigation, Carbon Storage and Sequestration, Habitat Risk Assessment and other assessments that require social and geospatial integrations to solve complex issues.
  • Wide experience in modification of low to high-resolution satellites, including the application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) images and using ancillary and big-data applications for acquisition, processing, information extraction and analysis for various purposes such as land use/cover changes, ecological assessments and resource mapping.
  • Strong experience in systems preparation for collection and processing of Natural and Environmental Resources raw – data, mapping, modelling and results interpretations as experience gained from Tanzania, Indonesia and China technologies.
  • Processing and statistical analysis of spatial data. Also, effective in writing and presenting complex scientific research results in a clear and concise manner.
  • Designing online mobile data collection platforms using the most current technologies, i.e. Survey 123, Arc Collector and OpenDataKit (ODK).
  • Knowledge and skills in using professional software such as ArcGIS Desktop, Google Earth Engine, QGIS, and R-Studio; and tools such as Google Earth Pro and GPS for natural resources mapping, assessment and management.

Research and academic Interests

Primary research and academic interests are in geospatial technologies, water resources, Biochar preparations, Urban Sprawl and Urban Heat Islands Assessments, environmental pollution and control, resource mapping, low–carbon production, climate change analysis, land use changes and predictions and innovation.


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